The Lauralton Distinction

Are you looking for a college preparatory school that has an outstanding academic curriculum including college-level classes certified by the University of Connecticut? Where you will have strong support as you transition to high school in our First Year Experience program? Where you can re搜索 cell biology with a PhD scientist, participate in an entirely student-run play, or get involved in our Mercy tradition of service to others? 

Then Lauralton is for you.

sb体育APP下载 offers a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum focused on guiding students as they master analytical and critical thinking skills; develop empathy, 创造力, and strong writing skills; and gain the ability to communicate ideas effectively.

At Lauralton we prepare young women for college; most importantly, we empower them for life.

Our faculty and administration are exceptional—dedicated to working together to create a nurturing environment that balances freedom with responsibility; challenging academics with spiritual growth; traditional values with cutting-edge curriculum; athletic excellence with sportsmanship.

Lauralton is about empowerment—empowering women to gain confidence to succeed in college and beyond and to succeed in whatever career they pursue. Whether working as a marine biologist exploring a coral reef in St. 克罗伊, teaching history in an inner-city school, flying a helicopter, or becoming a member of the United States Congress, our graduates possess the skills and knowledge they need to fulfill their dreams.

Why Choose A Girls School?

What does it mean to be a Lauralton student?


Praise for Lauralton

“I love this program because the students are so enthusiastic. It doesn’t matter how hard it is, or how high I set the bar, they always exceed my expectations.”-教员

“Lauralton gave me an amazing education and helped me find God. I learned right from wrong, how to give back and how to love, care and be kind. Lauralton changed my life. Lauralton is changing the world one student at a time.”——最近的校友

“You can just feel the difference when you walk through the doors here.”— alumna and alumnae parent

“You don’t have to be a certain type of kid to find a home at Lauralton, there is something for everyone here.”——最近的校友